Welcome to Mean Mr. Mustard Cafe!

"If you look closely at the famous cover photograph of the Beatles walking across Abbey Road on the restaurant wall, you may notice each is carrying a bag from Mean Mr. Mustard Express. John likes the Omlettes, Pauls' favorite is Eggs Benedict, George is partial to the Paninis, Ringo enjoys the Salads & Soups.

He never stops, he's a go-getter.

Come Back To Where You Once Belonged

We Have Cookies!

The lovely and talented, Diane Rosemond is always baking up something yummy. Stop in to try Diane's famous biscuits, muffins, scones, cookies, brownies, cakes and pies.

Always Something Cooking, And Nothing In The Pot

"We wanted to create...

...an offering that was healthier both for our customers as well as ourselves," said Monte Rosemond, whose passion for music set the tone for the restaurant.

A great place to Watch The Wheels Go Round

We really love to watch them roll.

Relax and enjoy a meal with friends inside the restaurant or come through our drive-in window to grab a cup of coffee and food to go.